Ever since the company was founded, innovation has been one of the main success factors for the BMW Group. In the field of technologies and mobility, in particular, they are able to realize their full potential and show how they can contribute to mobility and progress in all different areas.

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Automatic Car-Park Parking

For fully-automated paring in multi-story car-park, four laser scanners scan all the area around the vehicle and generate an accurate image of the surroundings. The fully-automated Remote Valet Parking Assistant links this information with a digital plan of the car-park and is then able to use this data to drive the BMW i3 - independently, dynamically and safely - to an empty space and park it.

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Convenient Urban Parking Solutions

The BMW Group is demonstrating the benefits of vehicle connectivity with intelligent solutions. An important cluster of topics is Connected Navigation. The new research project "Dynamic Parking Forecast" relies on movement data from vehicle fleets, this application makes it easier to find a roadside parking space and effectively reduces the volume of traffic looking for a space to park in - especially in urban areas.

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BMW eDrive Technology

With the innovative BMW eDrive technology in the new BMW 225xe and the new BMW 330e, BMW is once again underlining its leading role in power train electrification in the premium segment. BMW eDrive technology uses state-of-the-art plug-in hybrid components and makes a significant contribution to lower fuel consumption and emissions. BMW eDrive is one of the newest components of the ground-breaking BMW Efficient Dynamics programs.

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